Ana is a psychologist and an ICF Associate Certified Coach with almost 10 years of corporate experience in the areas of Human Resources, Strategic Planning, and Expatriate Support. Having lived and worked in Brazil, USA, and Singapore, she graduated from International Coach Academy, and currently works with individuals going through career transitions and expatriation. 


Ana also collaborates with Psychological Expat Care where she writes technical articles on a monthly basis.  



"Due to my father’s career, relocations have always been part of my life. Born in Porto Alegre, my heart says that Sao Paulo is my home city but my accent shows that Rio de Janeiro is also part of my past.


Having never dreamed of a life abroad, in 2010 I found myself leaving Brasil with no plans to return. I know how difficult it is to say goodbye and how scary the unknown can be. However, I also believe in the power of new beginnings.

After a lot of dreaming and planning, I decided to change my career' path. I have learned a lot in the companies I worked but I have always missed being closer to people and making a difference in their lives. I fell in love with coaching, a powerful methodology through which I could impact other people’s lives positively and effectively."



Ana Claudia Mazzini e Drigo

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